Author: TDP0311

My name is Tim Plowman, and I'm a former Marine rifleman and history nerd who enjoys researching and documenting Marine Corps weapons in an effort to preserve tangible history. The stories behind these historic items can easily be lost to time, but with a little effort and the dissemination of helpful information, I hope to be able to keep their stories alive. I'm an FFL-01 Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer by trade, and an NRA/CMP High Power Rifle competitor in my spare time, having earned Distinguished Rifleman badge #2463 in 2019. I can be found on many different collector's forums, Instagram, and gunbroker with the username TDP0311, and at high power matches in the Ohio and Michigan area on the weekends. For those of you that are into social media, I am an admin for "United States Marine Corps History: WWI, WWII, & Korea" on Facebook where a lot of us share information and photos of the weapons we come across. I'm always happy to help collectors, enthusiasts, and those with a general interest alike, and am glad to answer questions. Thanks again for stopping by!