Documented USMC Weapons


Rock Island Arsenal M1903 #324219

Rock Island Arsenal M1903 #324219, very likely documented to the Marine Corps Quartermaster in San Diego, where the ongoing process of surveying the rifles of the 2nd Marine Brigade (amongst others from Camp Pendleton) was taking place. A M1903 with serial number 324219 was in fact surveyed by the Quartermaster in San Diego in 1926, however the Marines did not record if a serial number was for Springfield Armory or Rock Island Arsenal rifle, which overlapped each other in serial number ranges. We do know that the Marines received very large amounts of Rock Island Arsenal rifles in the 300k range, and that the Marines did not receive M1903 service rifles until 1910, making this document’s serial number far more likely to be the RIA than the SA rifle (Tim Plowman collection, documentation by Andrew Stolinski & Archival Research Group)

Springfield Armory M1898 Krag-Jørgensen Rifles #231425 & #257294

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 12.37.50 PM

M1898 Krag-Jorgensen Rifles #231425 and #257294. These rifles are two of a thousand transferred from Marines in the Philippines to the Marine ordnance officer at Benecia Arsenal in California after the end of the Philippine insurrection. As of now, these are the only two documented, USMC provenance M1898 Rifles to have been identified (documents: Alec Tulkof, rifles: Tyler Anderson & Tim Plowman collections).