O-6x Rebuilds


Beginning in 1965 and going until at least 1970, a Department of Defense mandated rebuild program was successful in reconditioning older American weapons, and giving collectors the opportunity to trace the service lineage of the 60s rebuilds in the process. While the army would denote month, year, and place of overhaul on the leg of M1 Garand receivers, the Marine Corps chose to electro-pencil the heel instead with “O” for Overhaul, and the last two numbers of the year the overhaul took place. Some examples can be obtained from the Civilian Marksmanship Program unfired since their overhaul half a century ago. 1960’s rebuilds have taken on a collectibility of their own, and redefined the term “original,” as they are originally rebuilt by that branch of service and unmolested since, despite being a hodgepodge of reconditioned parts. Many rebuilds, and especially those rebuilt by the Marine Corps bring a premium to the right collector.FullSizeRender-2.jpg

The O-6x rebuild program included both M1 Garands and M14s.


Freshly refinished USMC O-6x rebuilt M1 Garand actions.


An excellent example of a pristine USMC O-6x rebuild, this early Winchester M1 Garand bears all the hallmarks of the O-6x rebuild program.